Seven Chakras

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The first person I ever knew who balanced her chakras was a farmer in central Nebraska.  She was my friend, but when she excitedly shared her good news, I’m ashamed to say I chuckled behind her back.

A few years ago, after twenty years of being on a spiritual journey, I participated in a chakra awakening ceremony led by Vani, an English energy healer.  It was a powerful experience that opened me to a higher level of self-esteem and compassion but also challenged me to face deeply buried fears.  After the ceremony, these fears periodically rose to the surface, emotionally upsetting me to the point that it was difficult to function.

When meditation failed to balance my energy, I remembered Vani had given us instructions on balancing the chakras.  I began the exercise, chanting a specific sound for each chakra five times, touching its location, and visualizing the color associated with it.  Although I easily created a long exhale, the sound I produced was unsteady.  It wasn’t the smooth, melodious tone I had envisioned.  Letting go of that expectation, I felt the vibration of the sound echo through my body as I moved from charka to chakra.  After chanting for the crown chakra, I needed to integrate the work and intuitively started breathing up the back of the spine and exhaling down the front.  I did this twice and sat quietly to assess the result.

In every part of my being, body, soul, and mind, I felt centered and grounded without the spaciness I experienced with meditation.  I couldn’t remember ever having felt like this.  Even my thoughts were perfectly calm, and I’ll venture to say I was without thoughts for a moment, a condition I rarely experience.  I stood up, walked around and sat down again in amazement.

This balance continued into a second week with days free of the overwhelming sadness or anger that frequently destroyed my peace.  I began to accept the idea that this state could be permanent. A couple of days later, I began feeling out of balance and repeated the exercise.  The balance returned, and in this state I was able to live with more happiness and productivity than I ever imagined.  I remembered the peaceful look on my friend’s face years ago, but this time you can bet I was only laughing at the irony, not at her.

What do you do to find balance?


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  2. Loretta Pickford

    Thank you Georganne – Sounds like a process I’d like to experience with you. One of the things I do to find balance is work with clay. I started throwing pottery last year and my deepest peace/balance comes when I am at the wheel or working with what I have created. Today I am enjoying the benefits of a wonderful healing session with our mutual friend Linda McCrea ( She worked energetically with my chakras, taking me deep into a place of healing.

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