I love the way mind and Spirit work together when I’m asleep to solve problems and create new insights.  How to configure a blog is a new experience for me, and although I’m pretty happy with the way my blog works, I began to think yesterday I’d like to revise some elements of the design.  When I awoke this morning earlier than usual, the new layout flashed through my mind.  As I inspected it, I realized the picture I saw was exactly what I wanted.  “Wow,” I thought, “that was fast.”  It’s not the first time I’ve noticed what seems like instant manifestation.  In fact, I’ve learned to be very careful about what I say because sometimes my wishes manifest before I’ve had the opportunity to wisely revise them.

 The rapidity with which we are able to manifest is related to the process of ascension that we are all experiencing whether we realize it or not.  In Oneness by Rasha, Oneness or God explains that “the vibrational momentum driving all Creation toward unity is the same momentum that people everywhere are experiencing in their daily lives.” (p. 15) It isn’t just our imagination that time is speeding up; it actually is because the vibration of the Universe is speeding up.  As a result, our level of consciousness is rising, for we are All One.

 Then why is life so difficult?  To help me deal with the times when my desires don’t manifest, I often turn for guidance to Oneness and randomly select a reading.  Amazingly, it is always what I need to hear. Today the words that resonated with me were “Be not so quick to judge yourself or others who stumble beside you on your sacred journey.  It is naïve to assume that a simple, obstacle-free path is a symptom of spiritual advancement.”

 It is so easy to think that we have failed in some way when life becomes difficult.  Although we love those smooth and lovely, almost instant manifestations, they are only part of the story.  The challenges we encounter are the very opportunities we most need to accept as part of our ascension. They can take us deeper into this incredible growth process to a place where the really significant experiences lie.  This is what gives color to our lives, stretching us to deeper levels of understanding.  Oneness goes on to say, “The exquisite state of balance toward which you strive is the culmination of the full spectrum of life experience, both positive and negative.” (p. 234)  The more we can accept this duality as reality, the more we are able to maintain the positive attitude that in the end, it’s all good and another important step on our spiritual journey.  Let’s all remember to have compassion for ourselves as well as for each other.

© 2011 Georganne Spruce

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