Hut of Toda tribe (Nilgiris, India)

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Taiowa is the breath, humankind is the mouthpiece

to carry the sounds of creation to the far reaches of eternity.

 “The people are the building material, bringing on their wings the lessons of time.

Finding the Perfect House

I will never forget the feeling I had when I first looked at the house where I now live.  I had been looking for months, and there were two houses I had almost chosen, but each had a very steep driveway, not a good choice for mountain winters.  This house also had a somewhat steep driveway; yet, the moment I entered it, I knew it was mine.  The peaceful energy enveloped me, and I wanted to stay there forever.

What I felt in the house was not something I had created, but was the energy of the person who lived there before me.  Whoever she was, she had left good energy for the next owner to enjoy.  I didn’t realize until later that much of the house had also been arranged according to feng shui principles.

In addition, I loved the materials used in the house: light, bright hardwood floors, red brick and white frame, the green door, and an all white interior where the reflection filled most rooms with light.  Somehow, it all fit together in a perfectly complementary way.

Building a Spiritually Based Life

Just as the builder of this house chose the materials to fit and blend in a balanced way, we choose the materials with which to build our own lives.  We are the materials of the Universe, and as we each build our lives, consciously or unconsciously, we help to create the world in which we live. If we make choices that are spiritually based, then we help to create a world that is more spiritually based. What are the basic materials of our lives?

The Foundation Is Our Soul

Like the foundation of a house, our core or soul is who we are when all temporal circumstances and physical exteriors are stripped away.  It is our eternal spirit.  In the “dark night of the soul,” it is what seems like that tiny thread to which we cling when all else has crumbled or fled.  It is that place in us where the light of Spirit reminds us we are always One, and we become aware that we are never just me.

The Frame Contains Our Spiritual Philosophy

Like the frame of a house, we need something sturdy to hold us up which will weather time and all circumstances.  In addition to our core, our principles and ideas form a basis for our decision making.  For some, these are religious principles, for others they may be intellectual or spiritual guidance that support good decision making.  Some may follow Jesus’ teaching of “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Others may follow Confucius who said, “They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.”  Regardless of the philosophy, these ideas provide us with another level of guidance in addition to our core’s guidance.

Our Boundaries Create Our Walls

 Just as the walls of the house provide us with protection, and within them, we experience a safety zone where we can rest, the emotional boundaries we create serve much the same purpose.  However, if we pull these boundaries too tight around us, restricting greatly the people, ideas, and opportunities we allow inside our lives, our home will be a small one.  We may feel safe, but we may suffocate in such safety.  If we trust the flow of life and allow our boundaries to expand and open our hearts, minds and souls to more possibilities, we will find a deeper richness.

Awakening to a Life That Is Good For All

So, as we move through time and share with our world the materials we have used to build our lives, we help to create the world in which we live.  Sharing the lessons we learn empowers others and may also help them avoid some of the negative experiences we have had.  As we awaken, we will build the future together, and so we must choose our materials carefully for the greater good of all.  When our choices come from deep inside our spiritual being, we are dancing with Spirit, and the result can only be beautiful and the energy peaceful.

What are the materials of your life? the foundation? the frame? the walls and roof?

© 2011 Georganne Spruce

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2 responses to “DANCING WITH SPIRIT IN A NEW WORLD, Part 2

  1. I do like these posts. Thanks for pointing them out to me. As always I appreciate your thought-provoking comments and deep sharing. I put my other comments on your posts.

  2. Hi Georganne, thank you again, for a thought-provoking post that has taken the journey of my life inward. You asked the question what are the materials that make up the foundation of my life? Well the experiences of life itself is the starting point. I believe that the relationship with those experiences and the “materials” we possess are crucial if we are to find the path to joy, enlightenment and meaning. For me, personal accountability or “boundaries” is a strong component. While creativity, via my art, connects me with the known and unknown universe that surrounds me. The teachings of wise men and women throughout history also provide the insight I need to build a life in a perfect “home”.

    Check out my 4 latest posts under the title “It only takes a moment…..” They each have a creative and spiritual component that I think you will like.

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