Taiowa is the breath, humankind is the mouthpiece

to carry the sounds of creation to the far reaches of eternity.

 The people are the building material,

bringing on their wings the lessons of time.

 Timelessness, selflessness, oneness are

the rhythms of the song the ancestors knew well.

As I read and watch the Occupy Wall Street protest, I am carried back to an earlier time in my life when my generation protested racism and the Vietnam War.  It was our intention to change the world, and in some ways, we did.  Now, we are ready for more change, and I am deeply touched by the timeliness of the last two lines of this ancient Native American song which the ancestors sang.  We are on the verge of a new world where timelessness, selflessness, and oneness will be valued.

It is not healthy to live in the past, but it is foolish not to learn from it.  Each experience we have is a lesson from which we learn how to live a better life.  We are now being forced to look closely at our attachment to consumerism and greed.  We are being forced to simplify our lives.  We are being forced to look within where the real treasure lies.

Awakening to Past Lessons to Enhance the Future

 We can learn a great deal from the values of indigenous peoples.  They honor and live with the natural flow of seasons.  They value community and the old wise ones in that community.  They are one with nature.  They are connected through generations by respect and stories.

Timelessness Connects Us With Spirit

 In this new world we are creating, we will learn to respect timelessness, selflessness and oneness.  Timelessness teaches us to be in the moment: to feel our emotions, to connect quietly with Spirit and ourselves so that we can be guided to the best solution or course of action.  When we step outside the rigidity of our structured time, tasks are completed easily.  When we do an activity we truly enjoy, we are caught up in the pleasure of it and lose track of time.  When we have finished the activity, we don’t feel tired and depleted, we feel energized and joyful.  One of the gifts of timelessness is joy.

Selflessness Opens Our Hearts

 Selflessness requires us to give from the heart of our deepest selves.  The intent of our giving is as important as what we actually give. It is from the heart that we are able to choose what is best for all.  Many people have been taught that they must help others in order to be worthy.  When others are in need, they feel compelled to fill that need and become very uncomfortable when they can’t.  On the other hand, the martyr never knows when to stop giving, and in the process, harms herself, often feeling that the thanks offered are never enough to fill the emptiness inside.  Neither of these is selflessness, for selflessness has no strings attached.

Oneness Connects Us With All Living Beings

 When we experience timelessness and selflessness, we experience oneness.  We may experience oneness in meditation or making love, walking in the forest, or talking deeply with a friend, but always we sense a deep connection.  We are more than one; we are One – an integral spot in the cosmos, stripped of individual identify to become more than we could ever dream of being.  The mystics know this experience well.  But in our world, we separate ourselves from others because we are afraid of our differences or afraid we will be rejected.   We fear we are not worthy enough and so we avoid looking deeper within although we cannot heal the fear that separates us from each other and Spirit without going within.

In the book Oneness, the authors say, “By making the highest possible choices in any given moment—one makes the optimum vibrational contribution to the energetic collective of you.” (Page 222) We are not separate from each other.  This is our greatest illusion.  When we make the highest choice for ourselves, we contribute what is loving and positive for all.  When we act toward others in the highest possible way, we uplift our own vibration.

The Basis of a New and More Humane World

As the protesters grow in cities all across the world, we become more aware of the oneness we all share, for all people desire justice in their governments in order to live a humane and enriching life.  Whether it is political or economic justice they desire, whether they are Christian, Muslim, or have non-sectarian beliefs, we are now united by the same human desires.  With timelessness, selflessness, and oneness, we will be guided into a new and better world where we are one community.

How are timelessness, selflessness, and oneness important in your life?

© 2011 Georganne Spruce

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