I know transformation is a good thing.  It may not always be easy, but it always leads to something better.  However, right now, I’d like to ask the Universe to slow it down a bit.  There’s the consciousness transformation, my technological transformation, my yard’s transformation (I really need to say some affirmations about this one), and the recent transformation of my washing machine which left a puddle of water in the floor after I used it.  At least if the dog leaves a puddle, you can talk to him about it.  My washing machine has nothing to say except, “Gurgle.”

What the washer didn’t tell me was that it wasn’t spewing water out of the little hole in the back as I thought, but that the drain was stopped up. The washing machine guy couldn’t fix it so I had to call a plumber.  Unlike cosmic transformations, at least this one will stop.  When the plumber arrives, he will fix the problem.  There will be a defined moment when the machine will be usable again today or tomorrow.  I hope.

 But in the midst of the unexpected shifts that occur in cosmic and personal transformation, it’s a good idea to remember that life is a dance – usually an improvisational one.  Sometimes we travel long paths that never seem to end.  Sometimes we travel short paths that constantly loop back upon themselves and trip us up.  We may dance solo or with a partner who smoothly waltzes around the dance floor or one who, like a tango dancer without a sense of rhythm, keeps tripping over our feet. 

 What we must remember is that with an improvisation there is no intention to set choreography.  As we improvise, we are in the flow, allowing an authentic movement to carry us spontaneously through space.  At first, there may be awkward moments while we search for a movement theme that entices us to keep moving.  Then, mysteriously, we make one beautiful movement that leads so perfectly to another, and we are joyously engaged with the dance.

 I’m not opposed to planning life or dances; in fact, I accomplish much more when I plan and organize, but transformation is an improvisation I want to leave room for in my life.  No matter how stressful change can be, stagnation is not life.  Snoopy had it right.  “To live is to dance. To dance is to live.”       

So when the washer breaks down on the day our blogs or major work are due, or the dog pees on the new carpet five minutes before company arrives, remember it’s all part of the dance.  It may not be our favorite part, but who knows, after we take the deep breath we desperately need, our next step may be the beginning of a beautiful theme.  Or we may suddenly find puddles amusing. 

 What transformation are you experiencing? Please share your comments.

© 2011 Georganne Spruce


  1. This is helpful to me right now Georganne. Thank you. Sue

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