“The pleasantest things in the world are pleasant thoughts and the great art of life is to have as many of them as possible.”   Montaigne

Do you often think pleasant thoughts?  What do you do to create them?  Does your feeling good depend on external events or internal ones?

A website from which I received a newsletter sent an over-the-top marketing piece on a book on abundance.  In the audio presentation, it made a statement that the advice the book had to offer was not new age, airy-fairy stuff.  I turned it off.

Over the years, I’ve explored many spiritual techniques.  Some worked for me; some didn’t.  Many would probably fall into the classification of new age stuff.  Over time, I’ve found that two approaches to making my life better always work—releasing my fear and expecting the best from all circumstances, one version of positive thinking.  I also believe in that airy-fairy idea that our thoughts create our reality.

Awakening to Pleasant Thoughts When We Have Challenges

Recently, I published my book Awakening to the Dance: A Journey to Wholeness in e-book form on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Today, I excitedly ordered the proof copy of the paperback edition.  Reaching this point with the paperback was not an easy task.  I definitely had to practice what I preach because obstacles constantly arose along the way, particularly in getting it formatted attractively.

So, I practiced my stuff.  Even after the first two technically astute people were unable to solve the formatting problems, I continued to affirm that the person who could solve the problems would appear.  I asked Spirit to help me accept that this was all in Divine Order.  I continued to network, letting people know what I needed.  After all, the first two people who tried to help had appeared unexpectedly and were well-qualified.  Then, of course, the right person showed up.

Clearly, something was wrong with the document, but when Brad Swift began working with it, I kept sending him positive energy and pleasant thoughts, believing that the problem would be solved. Now, Brad is a Life on Purpose coach and visionary writer who also maintained the attitude that we could solve these problems.  By converting my manuscript into a special software program, Scrivener, he was able to create the interior for my book that was exactly what I wanted.

Combining Positive Thinking With Action

Thinking only happy thoughts and not doing what needed to be done wouldn’t have solved the problem.  It took both.  Montaigne says that the great art of life is to have as many happy thoughts as possible.  It’s a matter of choice.  Once again, we can focus on what isn’t working or we can envision what could be better and take steps in that direction.  No art is created spontaneously.  The painter has to put brush and paint to the canvass.  The dancer has to put her  visions into movement.  The musician has to put notes on a staff in order to create a sonata.

Still, I am often amazed at how quickly what I need manifests when I trust that it will come to me.  Having pleasant thoughts requires us to trust.  As we take the steps to improve or expand our life, we also need to express gratitude for each good thing that happens.  I mean every little thing—no matter how small the event, your gratitude creates positive energy.  It only takes a moment to say “thank you” to a friend or to Spirit.  Let it become a conscious habit.  As that energy uplifts you, that energy radiates into the world around you drawing more good to you.

Having a Spiritual Back-up

This is why it is so important to develop a spiritual life that is integrated with our everyday lives. We are spiritual beings whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.  I know that much of my happiness comes from my connection with Spirit because it is a loving source to which I can always turn for guidance.  With this kind of back-up, it’s easy to think pleasant thoughts.

With spring appearing early all over the country, how can we not feel more positive?  Nature is awakening and blooming.  The migratory birds are back.  The sound of children playing outside echoes through the neighborhood.  Even the economy is doing better.  We could easily be singing a chorus of thank you’s every day.

What are your most pleasant thoughts today?

© 2012 Georganne Spruce

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  1. I get very tired of feeling a need to navigate the labels which get attached to positive messages…as though somehow there is anything particularly “new” about filling our minds with affirming, positive imagery and intentions. We get so hung up on words, and it’s a shame, I think. I listen to Hay House Radio a lot…many of the shows can be a little “out there” for me, at times, but they still are uplifting. We’ll never be isolated from negativity, but we can do what we can to fill in the gaps with pleasant thoughts. I do what I can! 🙂 Debra

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