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“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.”  Edgar Cayce

Starry Night by Van Gogh

Starry Night by Van Gogh

” I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”  Vincent Van Gogh

Do you remember your dreams? What do you learn from them? How have they helped guide your life?

Years ago, I was working as an employment assistance counselor for an art school.  There was an undercurrent of turbulence in the office, and although I felt it, I knew little about it.  Then I had nightmares for two nights that included people from the office.

One night I awoke about 1:00 am from a dream in which people were struggling and flailing their arms. I was hit in the mouth and my teeth were broken and my mouth was bleeding. As I walked away, my teeth started crumbling and falling out as blood gushed from my mouth. It seemed so real that, as I rose to consciousness, I put my hand to my mouth and was shocked to find my teeth were still there. My breathing was fast and my heart raced. It took at least a half an hour for me to relax and go back to sleep.

Dreams May Warn Us Of The Future


The dream felt like a warning, but at the time, my manager seemed pleased with my work.  That September I found jobs for the largest number of students that had ever been hired.  My newly hired assistant had not been available when I most needed her and began breaking rules that my manager had insisted we follow.  When I complained, he became angry with me.  When he asked if I could work with her, I foolishly said, “No.”

He fired me.  Her flirtation had won him over.  It was then that I remembered the dream which seemed like a warning.  Had I been arrogant to assume he would not fire me because I had performed so well?  Perhaps I had just been foolish to underestimate how much he needed the attention he got from her.  And for a moment before I answered his question, my intuition urged me to say “yes.”

Intuition May Guide Us On How To Act

So I had a dream that warned me of impending harm, and my intuition sent a warning, but I ignored them both.  Not very wise.

The Archetypes In Dreams Take Us Deeper

In order to really understand our dreams, it is helpful to know something about archetypes.  These are characters, symbols, settings, or themes that recur often enough to have universal significance.  Their roots are in the collective unconscious.  For example, most people have some fear of the dark.  We can’t see what is there and it’s a mystery.  It’s a place to hide when we don’t want to be discovered.



We find archetypes in dreams, literature, advertising, and other areas of life, and the obvious ones trigger an emotional or intellectual response that suggests something deeper.  When I dreamed that someone bloodied my nose, it didn’t mean that would literally happen, but it did suggest that dramatic harm might come to me.

Dreams May Guide Us To Solve Problems

Dreams may also provide us with deep guidance to solve problems in life.  One of the most meaningful dreams I ever had appeared during the year after my divorce in 1977.  In it, there appeared a blond-haired woman in a red dress who had previously appeared in another dream.  To make the situation even stranger (or synchronistic), I had recently worn a red dress when I danced in a modern dance choreographed by Liz Lerman.  I played the role of a woman who rejected the limiting traditional roles of women.

Photo: pensieve.me

Photo: pensieve.me

In the dream, I stood in a huge plaza with a large pool in the middle. On the far side of the pool was a several-story building that was a home for older people. Near me was a green ladder that curved over the pool and merged into an upper story of the building.

When I arrived at the base of the arch, a blonde-haired girl and a young man stood there. We all broke the bread she had baked, taking part in a ritual of communion. The man left. I knew I had to go across the arch but was afraid. The girl represented some part of me so I had to follow her, but I had to make the crossing on my own. The beginning was straight like a ladder and easy to climb, but as the ladder curved into an arch, I became frightened and had to crawl across on all fours.

Dreams May Guide Our Spiritual Journey

It seemed to me that this blonde-haired woman in the red dress was my passion and that the dream was telling me to follow my passion, but move on. It suggested that if I followed the higher road, I would reach old age or a level of security that the building represented. Climbing the green ladder was a sacred act, part of my spiritual journey, a path through life leading me to a higher consciousness.

Because the arch led over the water, which symbolized emotion, it was also telling me to move beyond just reacting out of emotion, which I did all the time, and it created problems in my relationships. I believed the dream was a sign I was healing, and the message in the dream was exactly what I needed to know at that time.  (Awakening to the Dance: A Journey to Wholeness by Georganne Spruce, pp. 49-50)

Dreams Guide Us To Deeper Answers

With this dream I began a journey to understand my emotions and gain control of them so that I could let go of the reactive emotional responses I had developed in childhood.  They no longer served me well.  That became a central theme in my spiritual journey leading me to learn to meditate, release my fear, and use my mind to create more positive thoughts.

Our dreams are rich with answers to our deepest questions.  Exploring our dreams is one way to begin to value and respect the wisdom that can be found in the dark.  One of the best sources to learn about symbols which may appear in our dreams is Carl Jung’s Man and His Symbols.  May you dream well tonight.

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“It is like the seed put in the soil – the more one sows, the greater the harvest.”  Orison Swett Marden

Flowers 003 - Copy

What thoughts do you sow in your life and the lives of those around you?  How does what you sow affect your life?

I have never planted a garden, but I have sown seeds in my life and in the lives of others.  Some have grown and others have withered, and some remain hidden in the soil waiting for the right season.  There is the common saying, “You reap what you sow,” and this is true especially in terms of our thoughts.

Our Thoughts Are the Seeds That Create Our Lives

Our lives are our spiritual garden and each thought or action is a seed we sow that will grow to feed us with abundance, peace or love, or will cause us to wither.  Each thought ripples out into the universe affecting other energy and people’s thoughts.  Have you ever noticed that when you’re in a bad mood, some people around you keep their distance?  Others may respond to your complaints, and in doing so, magnify the negative feelings you are experiencing.  In the same way, feeling delighted with life will often draw to us others who are happy and full of fun.


What Reality Forms the Spiritual Ground For Your Life?

When we plant a garden, we first prepare the ground by pulling weeds and stirring up the soil.  How do we prepare the ground for living our lives?  Do we follow the ways we’ve always been taught?  Do we experiment and stay open to learning new ideas and having new experiences?  The ground we choose for our lives often has much to do with whether what we have been taught growing up serves us well.  If childhood did not provide us with a positive ground, we will have to search and create our own.

For some, the ground is religion. For some, it is a personal spiritual journey, and for others it is a life of service or accomplishment.  But without a spiritual ground or connection, we are living half a life.  The inner compass that can guide us through all challenges is missing.

Are You Sowing Positive or Negative Thoughts?

When we have prepared the ground for our spiritual garden, what do we choose to sow?  If we focus on peace, love, and joy, it will return to us.  The more we sow these seeds, the more beneficial experiences appear in our lives, but people who always focus on what is wrong in their lives or in the world are often very depressed.  They fill their inner garden with negativity and that attracts more negativity into their lives, and something withers.  When things are not going well for us, the best way to manifest what we want is to focus on what we truly want, even while we are cleaning up the current mess we’re in.  We can sow positive seeds even when it seems all is going wrong.

We Have To Feed Our Spiritual Lives

Feeding and watering our spiritual lives with positive spiritual readings, listening to talks that uplift us, and surrounding ourselves with like-minded people are three ways we can create a life that blossoms with what is good.  These activities, like meditation and prayer, help us find ways to connect with Spirit, the source energy of our spiritual lives.

For years I’ve read the daily message in Science of Mind Magazine, reminding me that I do have power over what grows in my life based on my thoughts.  The book Oneness by Rasha has also enriched my understanding of the universal changes currently occurring and how they affect us.  Listening to the DVD’s on the Abraham teachings by Esther Hicks or attending talks in my spiritual community often open my mind to a new perspective.  Most of all, having friends and being part of a spiritual community where people are open to spiritual growth feeds me on a deep level.

Positive Energy Creates An Abundant Harvest

Marden, a New Thought writer of the early twentieth century, said, “…the more one sows, the greater the harvest.”  The more positive thoughts and actions we express in our lives, the more we will create healthy relationships and new opportunities in all areas of life.  The harvest will be abundant.  I think so often of all the people who have had to retrain in order to find a job.  It isn’t easy to make those changes, but by taking positive action to adjust to the economic and business challenges of these changes, they are planting new seeds that will create a more abundant harvest.

Growing spiritually often allows us to make these kinds of significant changes.  Letting go of what has served us in the past, but which no longer does, allows us to create a better life and grow in new ways.  When we continue to feed our inner life, that inner life guides the outer to make good choices, to serve where we can make a difference, to love and transform our lives and others, to plant seeds of peace, love and joy wherever we go.  That always creates an abundant harvest.

What do you do to feed your spiritual garden?  Please Comment.

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