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“Enlightenment means merely aligning to the energy of my Source.  And genius is only about focusing.  The Law of Attraction takes care of anything else.  Physical humans often want to make enlightenment about finding some process and moving through the process that has been pre-described.  But true enlightenment is moving to the rhythm of the internal inspiration that is coming in response to the individual desire.”  Abraham (Channeled by Esther Hicks)


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Are you often successful at manifesting what you want?  Do you find manifesting your desires challenging?  How do you deal with the success or failure of your efforts?

I am always surprised and delighted by the way that my desires manifest.  Although I have worked with the Law of Attraction for many years and understand that it is based on the laws of energy, I am still often amazed by the manifestation.  When I remind myself that it is available to us all through our connection to Source, I am reminded again how important being able to connect with Source is.

To Create, We Must Align With Source

The main question we often ask about this process is why does it work sometimes and not others.  In order for the Law of Attraction to manifest what we want, we must first feel aligned with Source.  Source is the spirit others refer to as God, Allah, the Universe, or Spirit.  This means that we have to have discovered and established this connection, but it doesn’t have to be a part of a particular practice.  It is a mystical connection and may come to us simply because we are open to the non-physical energy.

We may feel our connection to Source when we walk in the woods, relate to animals, love another human being, laugh, see the stars blazing at night, or are inspired by the beauty of poetry.  When our heart opens, when we sense there is something greater than ourselves, and that we are more than our bodies, we have connected with Source.  Anything that inspires us connects us to it.

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We Must Connect With the Energy of Our Desire

So, how does this really work?  We feel a desire.  That creates an energy.  The enlightenment to which Abraham refers is the energy we create from this desire.  If we feel excited about the possibility of our desire coming true and that is followed by the feeling that we will be able to manifest this desire, we are creating a vibrational frequency that is most likely to manifest what we want.

For example, last year I participated in a bookfest  but I didn’t sell many books.  I asked the question, “Is this worth doing again?”  It was clear to me that doing a presentation as part of the event would introduce me to more people who might want to buy the book.  I wanted to speak on a topic that would attract writers and non-writers.  Many people write memoirs only for their families, so I thought the topic of “Bringing Your Memoir to Life” would speak to everyone.

As I began writing an email to the person choosing the presenters with the  description in it, I became very excited about my topic.  I could see and feel myself before an attentive audience.  Although I had no idea what the theme of the bookfest was, I felt positive energy bubbling up inside me.  I sent the email, releasing it to the Universe, knowing that if it was a good match for me, this opportunity would manifest.

Positive Energy Manifests Positive Results

I was thrilled when I received an email from the person planning the event that my presentation topic fit perfectly with this year’s theme “Telling Our Stories.”  I was invited to present and I enthusiastically accepted.  The energy around this opportunity felt extremely positive.  By surrounding my preparation with positive energy, but not attaching myself to the outcome, I created a vibration that drew to me a very beneficial opportunity.

Enlightenment Is Connected to Inspiration

According to Abraham, true enlightenment is about responding to the vibration of the inspiration we feel when a desire arises.  Going against the positive inspirational energy sabotages the manifestation of our desire.  We do this all the time.  What if I had thought, “I’d like to present at the bookfest, but I’m not well-known enough.  I’m sure they wouldn’t pick me,” or I don’t know what the theme is, so why bother.”

Our Passion Energizes Manifestation

This is why following our passion is so important.  When we truly have a passion for an activity, the energy of that passion tends to draw to us what we need in order to manifest our desire.  Understanding this and following this principle is the basis of enlightenment.  It also means that we have to trust ourselves and our feelings about things.  Some would call this intuition.

When our energy and feelings toward a person or event feel positive, we need to honor this attraction.  It is someone or something that is being drawn to our lives for a reason that may not be obvious, but that may be beneficial.  And when positive feelings well up inside us even when, practically, what we desire doesn’t seem possible, it is well worth our time to explore the possibilities.  We never know when the impossible may become possible.  It’s all up to us and Source.

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“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why…I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”  Robert Kennedy

Ciudad de Malaga al atardecer con los Montes d...

Ciudad de Malaga al atardecer con los Montes de Africa (Photo credit: carloscASTROweb)

Have many of your dreams come true?  Is there a connection between the dreams you dream at night and the desires you have when you wake?  How can you use those dreams to become more conscious?

Dreams Help Us Envision New Possibilities

Wouldn’t it be great if life progressed in a straight line so that we could always see where we’re going?  Then we’d know ahead what dreams would come true and which wouldn’t, and we wouldn’t waste our time struggling to make things happen that never happen.  But then of course, we wouldn’t experience the joy of rich surprises and miracles that open possibilities we never envisioned.

One day after a job interview, I stood beside the fireplace in a restaurant, watching the snow fall lightly outside.  I turned and he was there, stepping forward to offer me a seat. The dream had suddenly changed shape, wearing wire-rimmed glasses and a mischievous smile, and we both knew life would never be the same.  Although the relationship was not the dream that lasted for a lifetime, it was one that taught me I could be respected for my intelligence and could share a deeply spiritual relationship.

Manifesting A Dream May Be A Mysterious Path

Life is a spiral dance, weaving steps we know and steps we don’t know—a journey that takes us through shadows and sunlight.  There are the dreams we dream and the dreams we don’t dream—the ones we bury along the way because our parents tell us they can’t come true.  Then one day, we are standing on a stage as the lights come up and our hands begin to strum a guitar or the words of Shakespeare pour from our lips, and we cannot even remember where this moment began.  But somewhere, sometime, it was a dream, an image in our souls that was caught on the wind and carried forward through time, materializing despite all obstacles.


As a child, I wanted to be a doctor and help Albert Schweitzer heal the lepers in Africa, but after struggling with high school chemistry, I gave up the dream of being a doctor and going to Africa.   Forty years later, in the early morning of a July day, I stepped off an airplane onto African soil.  In that moment, my life changed.  I became a citizen of the world.  I could never have dreamed of the path that led me there.

Each Dream, Even The Dark One, Is A Gift From Spirit

Each dream is a gift from Spirit, whether it is a conscious dream or an unconscious one.  It leads us to places we never dreamed of going or never thought we could reach.  Other dreams may serve a different purpose and may create the illusions where we hide from what we cannot bear to see.  Other times dreams are demonic and rip the illusions away, spiraling us into the darkness of our own depth to find the real answers.

For years, I read New Mexico Magazine, feeling drawn by some powerful force to go there.  When I was almost healed from chronic fatigue, it became clear that I needed to live in a dry environment in order to complete the healing.  A friend invited me to house sit with her that summer in Albuquerque.  Once I was there, I could not leave.  The Native-American culture and art fed my soul.  Then, I found the perfect teaching job right away although it was almost time for school to start.  It all seemed like a dream come true.

But this was the land of enchantment, and what appeared to be magical, within five years, fell apart.  I lost my job, my friends, my spiritual community, my security and all my illusions.  Stripped to the core by following a dream based on illusion, who I really was continued to emerge.  I began to write and discovered a strength and spiritual balance I had never known.

Dreams May Be Profound Spiritual Guides

Those dreams that come in the night, wrapped round with symbols and mystery, may very well hold the answers to the problems in our lives and lead us to the light.  Carl Jung, the famous psychoanalyst, said in his book Man and His Symbols, “The general function of dreams is to restore our psychological balance by producing dream material that re-established, in a subtle way, the total psychic equilibrium.”

Deutsch: Carl Gustav Jung

Deutsch: Carl Gustav Jung (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After my divorce in 1976, I felt unhinged without a job or money.  The grief and anger I felt overwhelmed me.  Then one night, I dreamed I was standing in a plaza with a pool in the center.  A green ladder rose upward and across the pool and into the upper floor of a several story building on the far side.  At the base of the ladder I stood with a young man and a blond-haired woman in a red dress, a version of me that had appeared in other dreams. We performed a ritual, breaking the bread the woman had baked.  Then the man left, and the woman began to climb the ladder, beckoning to me.  Despite my fear, I followed her.

When I awoke, I realized the dream was telling me exactly what I needed to do.  My choice to climb the green ladder was a sacred act. I needed to follow a spiritual path that would lead me to a higher consciousness.  Because the arch led over water, which symbolized emotion, it was also telling me to move beyond just reacting emotionally.  The dream told me how to heal.

There are the dreams we choose to dream and the ones that come to us unexpectedly.  Weaving through our lives with joy and mystery, they are one of Spirit’s greatest transformative gifts.  May you dream well tonight.

What dreams have provided you with important insights? Please comment.

For a more in depth understanding of the value of understanding dreams and how they provide guidance in your life, read my book Awakening to the Dance: A Journey to Wholeness.

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